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Meet the #1 data platform for travel industry

Working together with three leading brands:  Mind’s know-how, together with the modern analytical interface and the great user experience that is achieved with looker and the security that Google cloud platform transmits. A unique tool for the tourism industry.

Your data here, wherever it comes from

Have all your data available, no matter where it comes from, thanks to the easy integration of Travel/ie with third party systems. In addition, it supports a multitude of connectors, to provide a single platform that brings together all your data. Get the most out of them with Travel/ie.

Big Data Streaming,
Real-time Intelligence

You’ve never seen such an amount of real-time data before. Thanks to our architecture based on columnar datawarehouses, capable of storing and processing petabytes from a serverless environment, we make available to you the processing and visualization of all your information in streaming.

Error-proof data quality management

Thanks to our intermediary messaging systems between publishers and subscribers, we distribute the data constantly without collapsing the self-scaling processing environments, thus ensuring the stability of our solution in front of significant demand peaks and annual business growth.

Let us draw conclusions, you apply them

Our goal: to apply Machine Learning techniques to extract knowledge from large volumes of data that are difficult to digest from a human perspective. In this way, Travel/ie integrates Artificial Intelligence tools capable of looking for patterns almost in real time to tell you where to focus to get the most out of your decisions.

Empower yourself, Empower your team

Create new analyses whenever you need to thanks to our SelfService function, where from your data you can create tables and charts that solve your specific questions. Always keep control of Travel/ie by managing users, permissions and different profiles.  And keep in mind that you can always access your data through the Travel/ie API.

The business is yours, we adapt to it

Whatever your business model is, cloud or on-premise, you won’t even notice Trave/ie’s implementation. We are 0% invasive and we adapt to your needs and your system. Because we know that every business is different you shouldn’t worry about us, we take care of everything!

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