Create a real performance strategy

Define a goal for each KPI and measure your business performance

Goals Management

Manage your business performance

Define the goal of each KPI and compare with the reallity, then manage actions to improve the performance

Objectives by period

Goals for different periods, annual, monthly, weekly, daily, it is indifferent, the administrator can load different levels of KPIs goals and then the platform makes the distribution

Goals by other variables

In addition, if you want to load targets by other variables such as accounts, destinations, segments or any other variable, Travel/ie allows you to define more information and perform a more detailed performance strategy

React faster to business changes

Forecast your evolution and compare the reallity with goals or other periods to react faster to the changes

Versioning the goals

Do you review the objectives several times per year, no problem, we support versioning in the goals to follow up the last version of the truth

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