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Google Cloud Platform
Mind Analytics

Working together with three leading brands: Mind’s know-how, together with the modern analytical interface and the great user experience that is achieved with Looker and the security that Google Cloud Platform transmits. A unique tool for the tourism industry.

We know
what we do

Mind stands out for its innovation, with a great multidisciplinary team in charge, which always thinks first of its customers.

Our experience with all our customers has prompted us to think outside the box and create a solution that we consider by and for our customers.

Moreover, Mind Analytics is a proud partner of Looker and GCP, with whom it shares synergies and all the market knowledge. Can there be a better team?

The evolution of data visualizations

Intuitive, modern and beautiful are some… of the many ways we can describe Looker, the recently acquired Google business intelligence platform that users love!

Enjoy the simple and cozy Looker interface to boost your business. Your team won’t be able to stop using it!

Also, Looker has managed to be named the winner twice of Google Cloud Partner of the Year for Data Analytics. We make sure that all parts of our platform work perfectly!

We want to be always by your side

Google Cloud Platform is our provider of computing resources. Travel/ie could not exist without a robust and reliable base from which to apply all our knowledge.

We don’t want you to be left half way through the experience with our platform, GCP guarantees a >= 99.9% uptime. Don’t stop me now!

We are as concerned about Security as you are

Your data is safe with us! Our 3 pillars have numerous certifications in security and data protection, such as ISO 27001.

A single integrated platform

Data Management layer

Is responsible to capture, process…

Is responsible to capture, process and optimize very large volumes of data in Real Time.

Data Discovery layer

Is responsible to present data…

Is responsible to present data in a control dashboard within pre-configured visualizations, reports and alarms.

Augmented Intelligence layer

Uses machine learning techniques to…

Uses machine learning techniques to detect patterns from the data and help Managers to create a scoring from their clients and suppliers.

Integrated & Automated Business Decision

This layer allows Business Owners…

This layer allows Business Owners to integrate data from other departments and activate automated processes triggered from data behavior.

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